18th Annual Fall Fun Show on Horseback

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CLASS SCHEDULE and Class Descriptions Below....FUN FUN FUN!!


           Double T Farms


18th Annual Fall Fun


Horse Show


OCTOBER 29, 2016


  10:00 am


1319 Lynchs Corner Road


Elizabeth City, NC  27909




$100.00 Cash Award to first place

Horse and Rider Costume Contest

 1. Horse and Rider Costume Contest (BRING OWN MUSIC for costume enhancement)

2. Costume Contest for Non­Riders

3. Ride-­A-­Buck..need $1.00 and ride bareback. (Winner takes all $1.00's)

4. Grooms Saddle Up Race (REQUIRES PARTNER)

5. Egg and Spoon

                                                  5A Non Rider Egg and Spoon                                                   

6. Sack Race ( Horse and one Rider)

6B. Sack Race (Non-Rider)

7. Catalog Race ( Rider or Non Rider)

8. Water Balloon Class (Rider or Non-Rider)

9. GAYP Class (All Disciplines)

10. Musical Poles (Leadline) or (Non­Rider)

11. Musical Poles

12. Con With A Carrot Class

13. Triple Elimination Stake Race

14. Three­Legged Race (Requires Partner)

15. Boot Race (Non­rider)


17. Bobbing For Apples (Rider)

17B. Bobbing for Apples (Non-Rider)

18. Double Elimination Pole Bending

19. Barrel Race A. 12 AND UNDER B. 13­-Adult

20. Flag Race (3 flags)

21. Ring Spear

22. Partner Barrel Race (Requires partner)

23. Triple Elimination Barrel Crawl

24. Texas Barrels

25. Pony Express (Requires Partner)

26. Ribbon Race (Requires Partner)

27. Stick Pony Race (Non­Rider Teams of 4)

28. Fastest Horse Around the Arena 

29. Rider Pick-Up




Class Fees : $8.00 members /Horse and Rider Classes

          $5.00 per class for Non-Riders Only

                           $10.00 non-members/ Horse and Rider Classes

Day Pass: $80.00 for the day for members

                 $100.00 per day for non members

DAY PASS: $20.00 per day for any non rider (member or non member) 






Class Descriptions 

    1. Horse and Rider Costume Contest is designed for horse and rider to dress up in their favorite costume and parade around the ring .  Music that pertains to your costume will be played for you if you provide us with a CD.
    2. Costume Contest for any person that wishes to enter....no horses allowed in this class!  Ribbon prizes!
    3. Ride A Buck:  ride your horse bareback at various gaits as per announcer.  Winner of class gets all the dollars.
    4. Grooms Class:  One partner brings a bridled horse into the ring at the first cone. Riders are to sprint to their horse, carrying saddle and blanket. Both parties work to saddle the horse.  One partner mounts the horse and rides to the next set of cones (aka the finish line).  First to the cones win!
    5. Egg and Spoon:  Rider is given an egg and a spoon.  At the start of the event, the rider must balance the egg on the spoon not touching the egg with ANY part of your hand.  Announcer will ask the group to perform various gaits on the horse. Last horse/rider with an egg and spoon will be the winners.  CHEATERS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
    6. Sack Race:Grab your sack...get ready, set, go!!! Hop with both your feet in the sack to the finish line!
    7. Catalog Race:  Judge will give you a page number...you go find it and bring it back.  Timed event!
    8. Water Balloon Race:  Each rider is given a water balloon while mounted on their horse.  Each rider will be asked to hold the water balloon in their teeth by the knot on the balloon.  (No hands may be used to hold water balloon once the event begins.)  Announcer will lead the class in various maneuvers until we have a winner. (The one still holding their balloon.) 
    9. Walk/ Trot/Jog/ Show Gait Class:  Any discipline of riders may compete at the walk and then either at a Trot or Jog or Show Gait.  Judged event.
    10. Musical Poles - Leadline or Non-Rider:  Poles will be placed in the arena in a circular setting and evenly spaced apart.  Once the music starts all participants will travel in a clockwise position around the outer edge of the poles.  When the music stops, the riders/participant must grab the nearest pole.  Eliminate the rider/participant without a pole.  Rules:  No cutting through the middle or going backwards to get a pole.  All movement must be on the outside of the circle in a clockwise direction.  This class is designed for leadline or non-rider only.
    11. Musical Poles - Poles will be placed in the arena in a circular setting and evenly spaced apart.  Once the music starts all participants will travel in a clockwise position around the outer edge of the poles.  When the music stops, the riders must grab the nearest pole.  Eliminate the rider without a pole.  Rules:  No cutting through the middle or going backwards to get a pole.  All movement must be on the outside of the circle in a clockwise direction.  This class will be divided into two separate groups depending on amount of riders signed up.
    12. Con with a Carrot Class:  Carrot will be sitting down on barrel at end of arena.  Your job is to ride down. Get off your horse and entice your horse to come back across the foul line using only a carrot to do so.  If your horse touches, bites or crosses the line without you, you are DQ'ed.  Sounds like fun!!!
    13. Triple Elimination Stake Race: Random selection of riders will compete three at a time.  Winner of each heat will compete in the final heats.  Final winner is champion.  Note:  Knocking a pole to the ground or going outside of the cones is a DQ.
    14. Three Legged Sack Race: Grab your partner and each of you put one leg in the sack.. first team across the line is the winner!
    15. Boot Race – Participants will remove boots and give them to the attendant in the ring.  Attendants will disperse boots at the far end of the arena.  Each participant will run down, find boots, put them on and run back across finish line.  NO HORSE NECESSARY
    16. Baby Bottle – This event requires a partner.  The partner sits behind the rider and drinks the bottle that the rider is holding over his shoulder.  The partner can not touch the bottle with his hands and may not bite on dismember the bottle to win. First team to successfully drink all of their liquid in the bottle is declared the winner.
    17. Bobbing for Apples – Riders will travel down to the end of the arena on their horse and get off.  The apples will be in a tub at the end.  Rider must bob for the apple not using their hands.  After they have their apple, an assistant will help the rider mount their horse.  The rider must ride their horse back to the finish line.  If you drop your apple before you get to the finish line, it is a DQ. (Non-Riders division will run down, bob for apple and return to line)
    18. Double Elimination Pole Bending:  Riders will compete on a two-on-two elimination based on random drawings.  Winners will advance to the second heat and so on. If a rider knocks a pole over, they will be disqualified.
    19. Cloverleaf Barrels:  This barrel pattern is the same as the one used all year with a twist.  If a rider knocks a barrel over, they will be disqualified.
    20. Flag Race: Rider will carry flag to first bucket, switch flags, carry to next barrel , switch flags, carry to third barrel, switch flags.  Fastest time wins....10 second penalty per missed flag.
    21. Ring Spear:  Rider with their trusty sword must travel the outer edge of the arena and collect up to six rings for maximum score.  Failure to get all rings will result in a 5 second penalty per missed ring.  Ring must be on spear when you cross the finish line.  Rider must get at least two rings to receive a time.
    22. Partner Barrel Race:  A team of two (randomly picked) will perform the barrel pattern holding a piece of material between them.  Fastest time following the pattern and keeping hold of the material constitutes a win. Dropping material or breaking pattern is a DQ.
    23.  Triple Elimination Barrel Crawl:  Three course will be set up and three riders will try to execute the pattern at a time.  Horses must be let go of when you crawl the pattern and must be mounted prior to crossing the finish line.  Fastest time wins and goes to next heat until there is a winner.  Random drawing of order.
    24. Texas Barrels: Rider executes the pattern in the quickest time wins.  Failure to keep all barrels up or going off pattern is grounds for DQ.
    25. Stick Pony Race: Team of four non-riders will execute the pole pattern.  Fastest Team wins!
    26. Pony Express:  One rider waits on a horse between the barrels at the end of the arena.  Rider #2 rides her horse on the outer side of the barrels and passes the mailbag to the partner between the two barrels.  Failure to pass or dropping the bag is a DQ.
    27. Ribbon Race:  Two partners hold crepe paper between them while executing the directions given by the announcer.  Last team to still have unbroken crepe paper is the winner. Partner runs will be drawpot first.
    28. Fastest horse around the arena – The horse must stay on the outer edge of cones. Hitting a cone will result in disqualification.
    29. Rider Pick-Up - Partner waits at end of arena between the two barrels and other partner comes down on the horse and picks up the other rider. Partner must be on the horse between the barrels to receive a time.